Drag Star Throws Sparks From Crotch In Front Of Children

Crystal is a star of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. His real name is Chris Munro. On a Saturday, he was sighted at Southend on Sea, England’s Adventure Island. 

Munro used a metal grinder while dressed in fishnet stockings and high heels. Crystal subsequently said that the performance in front of children was not intended to have any sexual overtones.

While using an angle grinder near his pelvis, Munro made thrusting motions with his hips. He pressed the power tool on the metal surface, causing sparks to fly. Video footage shows the exhibition in front of more than 50 individuals, including youngsters.

The family amusement park organized a Pride celebration, which is why the drag queen was performing.

Concerned parents voiced their disapproval of Munro’s irresponsible behavior, with one parent saying they would never bring their children back to Adventure Island after seeing the video.

Amanda, a mother of two, informed the media that she would not return or bring her children there. You can’t get past that point. That tells you all you need to know about their feelings toward kids.

Amanda said her friend, who took the video at the amusement park, was shocked to see the show as his child was there.

Amanda also explained that her friend who videotaped the incident does love participating in Pride events in general but that the presence of children made this specific event inappropriate.

The drag queen said he doesn’t find anything about his act sexy. In the act, the drag queen thrusts his hips out so the metal codpiece he is donning over his penis can shoot sparks.

Munro asserted his act was comparable to the street performers in Covent Garden, Britain’s Got Talent, and Lady Gaga on MTV.

Munro is no stranger to the spotlight.

The news that My Son Hunter’s Laurence Fox was being sued by a RuPaul’s Drag Race UK contestant surfaced in 2021. The actor had made offensive comments against Munro and two others on social media, calling them “pedophiles.”