Drunk Illegal Migrant Skips Red Light, Kills 22-Year-Old in Crash

It has been determined by federal law enforcement that an individual who caused a fatal crash while drunk is an illegal alien.  It was reported by the police that open containers of alcohol were discovered in the truck.

Just after midnight on July 1st, a black 2008 Dodge truck driven by 21-year-old Jesus Sandoval-Martinez smashed into two other cars in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He had run a red light.

The struck vehicles were a Corolla and a Tesla. Tiger Gutierrez did not survive his trip to the hospital, and Mia Montoya was left gravely wounded. Another individual involved in the collision sustained minor injuries.

A social media post by the E3 Volleyball program states that the two individuals in the crash were coaches.

Witnesses held Sandoval-Martinez and held him until the authorities reached the site of the accident. According to the arrest documents, witnesses reported the male as inebriated and slurring his words.

There was no record of a driver’s license, and he reportedly failed sobriety tests. He informed authorities upon arrival at the University of New Mexico Hospital that he had consumed no more than two beers earlier in the evening.

He was placed into the Bernalillo County prison after being charged with two charges of reckless driving, vehicular homicide, and leaving the scene of an accident that caused grave bodily injury or death.

An immigration detainer was issued for the man after ICE established his unlawful presence in the U.S. He was identified as a Mexican national.

Following record-high influxes of immigrants along the Mexico–United States border, the crime committed by illegal aliens has emerged as a major platform issue in the presidential campaign for 2024. Former President Donald Trump has attributed the unlawful crossings and any violent crimes perpetrated by illegals to the current administration of Joe Biden and his lenient policies.

Nearly 89 percent of Americans and 64 percent of Democrats hold the Democrat party responsible for removing border barriers and causing the influx of illegal immigrants, according to a new Harvard CAPS Harris survey.

The survey also showed that, after the debate, Trump’s support surged by 6%, making him the clear favorite to win the election.