E Jean Carroll Says She’d Sue Trump Again

Jean Carroll, the author who sued Donald Trump for defamation,said she would do the same again and looks forward to spending the former President’s money. During an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Carroll said she would “absolutely” sue Mr. Trump again if she had the opportunity, adding that people have suffered much more significant harm than she has. She jubilantly declared, “We did what people thought was impossible. We beat Donald Trump.”

Maddow questioned the author about what she intended to do with the $83 million the court awarded her. Carroll said she would take the host shopping and buy “whole new wardrobes.”

Ms. Carroll’s victory came after she filed a lawsuit against Trump for defamation when he denied sexually assaulting her in a New York department store in the 1990s. A civil court last year found the former President liable for sexual abuse and defamation, but jurors rejected a rape claim. The author told reporters that she would spend the money on “something Donald Trump hates.” The 80-year-old stated that she would create a fund to help women who “have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.”

Mr. Trump insists he does not know E. Jean Carroll and the claims that he assaulted her are entirely fabricated. During the trial, Trump testified for just under three minutes, and during that time, his lawyers asked him a series of short questions. Mr. Trump took the opportunity to state that his comments on Carroll were made in self-defense. “She said something that I considered to be a false accusation,” he said, before adding, “I just wanted to defend myself, my family and, frankly, the presidency.”

Stepping down from the witness stand, Trump rolled his eyes at Judge Lewis Kaplan, who he later accused of bias. He told people in the courtroom, “This is not America.” The former President has previously referred to E. Jean Carroll as “sick” and a “whack job” and said he stands by those remarks.