Ed Henry Strikes Back Against Fox News

(RepublicanInformer.com)- This past week former Fox News host Ed Henry, who was fired from Fox for sexual misconduct in July 2020, brought a defamation lawsuit against his former employer as well as Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott. Additionally, similar defamation suits were filed against on-air personalities from both CNN and NPR.

The complaint against Fox and Scott alleges that after Henry’s 2019 promotion to “America’s Newsroom” co-host, Fox News and Suzanne Scott “turned against the Plaintiff,” firing him and “publicly humiliating him in the process.”

The lawsuit alleges that Suzanne Scott used Henry to “burnish her image as the tough female executive who cleaned up Fox News.” It also claims Scott was simultaneously covering up sexual impropriety among Fox News senior executives and program hosts.

As an example of Scott’s covering up for others, the lawsuit specifically cites Fox New President Jay Wallace whom the suit alleges had an extramarital affair with a subordinate.

The lawsuit makes a number of additional allegations against Suzanne Scott – including suppressing news stories surrounding the NFL kneeling controversy because Fox Sports was at the same time trying to secure a contract with the NFL.

In response to Henry’s defamation suit, Fox News issued a lengthy statement reiterating that immediately upon learning of the allegations made against Ed Henry, Fox News Media “conducted a thorough independent investigation.” He was promptly terminated based on the results of the investigation, the statement explained, adding that Fox News stands behind the decision.

In its statement, Fox News vows to “vigorously defend” itself against “these baseless allegations as Mr. Henry further embarrasses himself” in what Fox calls a lawsuit “rife with inaccuracies.”

Fox News then defends Suzanne Scott, whom the statement explains “has worked tirelessly to transform the company culture.” It lists her policies of mandatory harassment prevention training, implementing a new reporting structure, and “executing a zero tolerance policy regarding workplace misconduct.”

In responding to the allegations that Scott covered up for Jay Wallace, the statement concludes with a defense of Wallace, adding that Fox News conducted an investigation and cleared Wallace of wrongdoing.