Elizabeth Warren Finally Admits It’s Time To Break Up Big Tech

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Far-left Senator for Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren is once again calling for multinational tech company Amazon to be broken up. Her demands are bizarrely similar to those being made by Republicans in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, which was influenced by campaigns from Big Tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Senator Warren responded to a report by Reuters released on Wednesday that accuses Amazon of rigging search results and creating knock-off products, ripping off people who think of ingenious new products and then placing their knockoffs ahead of those products in the search results.

Amazon denies the accusations made by Reuters, but the outlet insists that “thousands of pages of internal Amazon documents” ranging from business plans, strategy papers, and emails show that there was a “systematic campaign” of creating knockoff products and then manipulating search results to promote its own lines in India, which is one of its biggest growth markets.

Elizabeth Warren responded to the report in precisely the same way a Republican would, incredibly.

“These documents show what we feared about Amazon’s monopoly power — that the company is willing and able to rig its platform to benefit its bottom line while stiffing small businesses and entrepreneurs. This is one of the many reasons we need to break it up,” she said.

Well, she might be terrible on everything from immigration to wokeness, but she’s right on this one.

Amazon responded to the reports claiming that, because Reuters hadn’t shared the documents with them, they were unable to confirm the veracity of the claims as they are stated.

Which isn’t a flat-out denial. Perhaps Amazon knows that if Reuters gives up the information then they would be exposing their source – and the source might not be ready to come forward.

Why are we letting Amazon get in the way of entrepreneurship and small businesses, and profit from people who come up with great ideas?