“Emergency” Putin Meeting Officially Requested

(RepublicanInformer.com)- As tensions between Ukraine and Russia intensify, the Secretary-General of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg has announced a special meeting of Russian officials and allied ambassadors. The event is expected to take place next week.

Officials hope that the meeting can prevent conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but history shows us that Russia will generally do whatever it wants to do. In 2014, Russian annexed Crimea, despite widespread criticism and global outroar. And it’s probably going to happen all over again in Ukraine…

Given Russia’s increasing military presence on the Ukraine border, Western countries have repeatedly tried to calm tensions and stop Russia from invading. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated multiple times that he expects Western countries to provide “reassurances” that they will not get involved should he decide to advance on the country.

The meeting will be held in Brussels on January 12. It will follow security talks expected to take place between the United States and Russia on January 10 in Geneva, Switzerland.

On Tuesday, European Union diplomat Josep Borrell flew to Ukraine where he met with top officials from the country in Kyiv, in a sign of support for the country.

Is there realistically any way that Russia can be stopped at this point? Moscow wants reassurances and has insisted that’s all they expect from Western leaders in upcoming meetings.