Eric Trump Says Businesses Severing Ties With Trump Organization Are Part Of “Cancel Culture”

(RepublicanInformer)- Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump, said this week that businesses severing ties with the Trump Organization are part of a wider “Cancel Culture” that sees conservatives silenced or stopped from engaging in normal business operations.

Speaking to the Associated Press following the news that New York City would sever all existing contracts with the Trump Organization – a company that has been at the center of the city’s expansion and growth in the last few decades – Eric Trump said this was a matter of the left trying to shut down anyone they disagree with.

“We live in the age of cancel culture, but this isn’t something that started this week,” he said. “It is something that they have been doing to us and others for years. If you disagree with them, if they don’t like you, they try and cancel you.”

Since President Donald Trump entered the White House, Eric Trump and his brother Donald Trump Jr. have managed the operations of the Trump Organization. Businesses recently began severing ties with the legendary company over false claims that the president incited violence on Capitol Hill on January 6.

It began with a number of banks announcing that they would no longer do business with the Trumps, and the Professional Golf Association also announcing that they would cancel tournaments that were due to take place at his golf courses, which are famous all over the world.

On Wednesday, far-left New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city would not do business with “insurrectionists,” once again claiming inaccurately that the president support a violent insurrection.

On Thursday, the FBI confirmed that the attack on the Capitol Building by a small contingent of protesters on January 6 appeared to be pre-planned. The FBI also confirmed that the storming of the Capitol Building occurred before President Donald Trump had even finished his speech, once again disproving the claims that he incited the riots.

Regardless, New York City will terminate agreements with the Trump Organization, specifically relating to the Central Park Carousel, Wollman and Lasker skating risk, and the Ferry Point Golf Course.

In the same interview with the Associated Press, Eric Trump said that the millions of people who voted for Trump will maintain their support for him.

“You have a man who would get followed to the ends of the Earth by a hundred million Americans,” he said. “He created the greatest political movement in American history and his opportunities are endless.”