Establishment Tries to Hide Fauci Documentary Flop

( Whoever thought it would be box office gold to make a fawning documentary about Anthony Fauci probably shouldn’t make any more production decisions.

Two weeks ago, National Geographic Documentary Films released “Fauci” in theaters across New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, and New Orleans. And apparently people aren’t stampeding to the theaters to see it.

Which is rather shocking considering those cities are all deep blue Liberal strongholds populated by people who no doubt have Fauci prayer candles on their bookshelves.

But as Jesse Kelly always says, the System protects its own.

Not one of the sites that tracks ticket sales or earnings data is reporting how “Fauci” is doing at the box office – not Rotten Tomatoes, not, not, not Boxoffice Pro. None of them will say how the movie is doing at the box office.

Just the News contacted both National Geographic and Magnolia Pictures to get some answers, but neither would respond. So they contacted Shawn Robbins, the chief analyst from Boxoffice Pro, who told the outlet that withholding box office earnings is “incredibly uncommon” especially for a major studio release.

All the same, Robbins told Just the News that it’s too soon to say whether “Fauci” is a box office bomb.

Whatever the case, a noticeable lack of box office information two weeks after the movie’s release in definitely odd.

Meanwhile over at the Internet Movie Database ( where users can give movies a rating from between 1 and 10 stars, “Fauci” has an average rating of 2.1 stars. A little over 14 percent gave it ten stars, but a staggering 80.8 percent rated “Fauci” a 1-star dud.

Though that might be more of a case of people giving it a 1-star rating, not because they saw the movie, but because people in the real world have long developed a natural immunity against Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Attempts to see the audience score of “Fauci” on the Rotten Tomatoes website leads you to a “Maintenance in progress” page, which, you have to admit, is a bit of a puzzle.

Could it be that National Geographic and Magnolia Pictures know that “Fauci” is going over like a lead balloon, and that’s the reason they won’t release the box office earnings?