EVs Fail To Meet Their Advertised Range

According to reports, customers in the United States cite limited battery life as a major deterrent to purchasing electric vehicles. Many people have discovered that their electric vehicles often provide less real-world range than stated, increasing hesitation when buying an electric vehicle (EV).

Consumer Reports chose to test the electric vehicles in its fleet for their highway range to see how far they could travel before experiencing any kind of performance degradation. The group put electric cars from the US, Germany, Korea, and Japan through their paces.

According to Consumer Reports, the range estimates for electric vehicles include simulated highway and city driving according to EPA guidelines, in contrast to the mileage predictions for conventional and hybrid vehicles, which show separate ranges for city and highway driving. Based on tests, this range estimate may not be reflective of what you may anticipate while driving on highways when every mile matters. To make things more complicated, electric vehicles are not as fuel efficient on highways as they are in cities, in contrast to gas-powered vehicles.

Half of the 22 electric vehicles Consumer Reports examined had ranges that were lower than what the EPA had predicted while traveling at highway speeds.

The Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck had the largest discrepancy in range. Its battery died after just 270 miles, which is 50 miles less than the EPA’s prediction.

The Lucid Air, for example, had a proposed range of 384 miles, but it missed by 40 miles. The test drive got 366 miles out of the Tesla Model S on the highway despite its 405-mile EPA range.

Some of the vehicles evaluated by Consumer Reports were so near to their predicted values that they could have been accurate. It was within three miles of the Kia EV6 Wind, the Genesis GV60 Advanced, and within a few more of others, such as the Ioniq 6 SEL AWD. But all of them were under the 20-mile limit, which is respectable for an outcome.

If you want to see all of the figures, check out Consumer Report’s findings at this link.