Ex-Dave Matthews Band Member Arrested for DUI

Boyd Tinsley, a former member of the Dave Matthews Band, was arrested following allegations that he caused a serious traffic accident. 

After responding to a collision between Boyd’s Escalade and a Corvette, the authorities detained him on suspicion of drunk driving. While both vehicles pulled over to assess the damage, the other motorist reported Boyd to the authorities for allegedly acting aggressively after he crashed his Escalade into a Corvette.

Nearing 9:30 p.m., Boyd was brought into custody and freed an hour later following the posting of bail. 

Boyd has not been without his troubles in the past.

James Winn filed a lawsuit against Boyd in 2018, alleging that he had misbehaved with him when he was 18 years old. Boyd allegedly masturbated next to Winn while he slept and sent him explicit texts, according to Winn. After buying five tickets to a game for Winn in 2015, Boyd allegedly told him that he better satisfy him orally. In the same year, he mentioned a similar incident in which he and Boyd were allegedly exhausted after spending time in Boyd’s living room creating music.

As 2019 came to a close, they settled out of court. 

Dave Matthews Band confirmed that Boyd had left the group following the public disclosure of the accusations. A second lawsuit against Boyd, this time for violating the conditions of a 2019 settlement arising from the harassment case, was filed against him in February 2024. 

The two parties paid Winn a $837,000 settlement, but a “mutual non-disparagement” stipulation precluded them from discussing it publicly.

According to Winn’s attorneys, Boyd violated that provision on February 22, 2022, through a string of social media postings, according to the most recent complaint. When asked about his accuser, Boyd just called them “a disturbed person.” 

An agreed-upon penalty of $25,000 per infraction of the non-disparagement clause was incorporated in the most recent complaint.