Ex Lawmaker Found Dead

(RepublicanInformer.com)- A former Mississippi state representative was discovered dead outside of a burned-out home where her sister-in-law was also founded dead last year. The 40-year-old Republican lawmaker served in the Mississippi state House between January 2016 and January 2020, and is understood to have been shot dead outside of her home while cutting the lawn.

Ashley Henley was shot in the back of the hand.

The story is already tragic and bizarre, but it’s particularly odd given that her sister-in-law, Kristina Michelle Jones, was also founded dead in a burned-out trailer on the same property in Yalobusha County in December 2020.

Henley and her husband reportedly believed that Jones was murdered.

The Daily Mail reports that Henley was outside of her home tending to her lawn, where a large sign had been erected. The sign featured a picture of her sister with the message, “I was murdered.” It formed part of a campaign by Henley and her husband Brandon to find the person responsible for their sister’s death.

Henley’s body was discovered outside of her home at 10pm, and while the police have not formally connected the two deaths, it has raised eyebrows and questions about what on earth might be going on with this family.

Brandon Henley has told the press that he believes his wife and sister may have been murdered by the same people, telling WJTV that if something had been done by the police sooner, then his wife may not have been killed.

He said he’d like the police to “do their job” because it’s the second person taken from him, and now his son doesn’t have a mother.

The time of Henley’s death has not yet been confirmed, and while we know that she was shot, Assistant District Attorney Steven Jubera refused to provide more information about her killing as authorities are still in the “earliest stages” of the investigation.