Expert Claims Efforts To Keep Trump Off Ballot Will Fail

As the 2024 presidential election inches ever closer, the state of American politics remains poor. Indeed, the country is in a very bad state of affairs. The American middle class has been shrinking for decades, and while this has been known for a while, over the last three years the struggles of the working class have increased substantially in large part due to the weak and reckless leadership of President Joe Biden. Early in his term, Biden and congressional politicians from both parties supported lavish pieces of legislation that authorized trillions of dollars in new congressional spending. These packages resulted at least in part in contributing to rampant levels of inflation that have caused the prices of basic necessities to soar. Today, 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. What’s worse; families making near the median national income of around seventy thousand a year may now find it impossible to afford a home in most of the country.

The economy is vital, but the social and cultural health of the country is in a poor condition as well. Since the 1960s, massive changes to American and western society at large have occurred. The counterculture movement and modern feminism pushed women into the workforce, and now most families can no longer survive on only one income.

Additionally, many modern Americans simply have no attachment to or understanding of the history of the nation, the founding fathers, or the workings and structure of their governing institutions. This has been evident of late when leftist activists successfully utilized the Colorado Supreme Court to further a political agenda. In a completely misinterpreted and unconstitutional ruling, the state supreme court of that western state ruled that the former president Donald Trump should be barred from appearing on the state’s presidential primary ballot and cited the 14th amendment. This ruling is unprecedented and weak- even a leftist television host recently stated these efforts would fail.