Experts Claim $60B Aid Won’t Significantly Help Ukraine Fight Russia

Over the last several years, the political climate within the United States has deteriorated. Since the 2016 presidential election and the upset victory of the real estate business mogul from New York City Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, progressive Democrats and Conservative Republicans have been locked in an escalated cultural and fiscal battle for the identity of America. In truth, citizens from all walks of life have experienced political polarization and tension, and things have gradually worsened as a result. Economically, the situation within the United States is poor; inflation peaked in late 2022 at heights not reached in 40 years, and 60% of Americans continue to live paycheck to paycheck. Housing prices have also skyrocketed, with residences in 99% of the country now deemed unaffordable to households earning the median income of around 70,000 a year.

Despite a deteriorating economic climate, President Biden and the Democratic party remain poised for another big election night in 2024. Democrats continue to defy the odds, trouncing republicans in the recent 2020, 2022, and 2023 election cycles following predictions that the poor electoral climate would hurt the party. In fact, despite Democrats running on an increasingly radical and far-left agenda, the party continues to win big amongst key voters and mobilize their hardline base, simply proving to be a better organized and more motivated organization than their GOP rivals. Republicans continue to lag behind in many elections and cannot compete in terms of early voting and vote by mail numbers; these voters have proven to be the difference makers in many key elections around the nation.

In Washington, as the political climate continues to worsen, Republicans and Democrats remain embroiled in arguments surrounding sending billions of dollars to the nation of Ukraine (which is losing a bloody war against Russia). Some claim that the money is a waste, as no amount of funding will save the outgunned, outnumbered nation in the costly war.