Explosive Biden Document Has Quietly Vanished

(RepublicanInformer.com)- An investigation that revealed the Biden administration was using government funds to help public unions increase their membership and budgets prompted a national labor union representing over 100,000 federal employees to remove a document from its website.

The National Federation of Federal Employees publicly congratulated the Biden administration for aiding in its efforts to attract more federal employees in a news release cited by The Center Square.

To make it simpler for unions to identify and attract non-union employees in the federal government, the Biden administration requested that the Office of Personnel Management change the FedScope database of federal employees.

The NFFE National President Randy Erwin stated in the now-deleted press release that “this updated resource will be a fantastic tool for our union to discover non-union members across the federal government who are properly entitled to representation and a voice in their workplace. NFFE expressly sought assistance locating the thousands of unrepresented government employees. Today, OPM complied with its promise to support employee organizing and collective bargaining by launching the expanded database. We’re eager to assist these federal workers who haven’t yet joined a union in organizing at work so they may secure important rights and benefits by unionizing.”

OPM’s use of taxpayer funds to assist public unions in expanding their budgets was criticized as a conflict of interest.

The fact that the NFFE took down its press release on the topic after it attracted notice shows that they talked out of turn and revealed covert cooperation that individuals involved decided was best kept out of the public view.

The Biden administration was congratulated in a now-deleted NFFE news release for welcoming 300,000 new potential members.

In a statement, the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) praised the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for encouraging union involvement among the 300,000 federal employees who are qualified to do so but are not already part of a bargaining unit.