Facebook Is Fact-Checking This Trump 9/11 Photo

(RepublicanInformer.com)- To commemorate the 21st anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, Human Events Daily’s Jack Posobiec shared a photo of Donald Trump visiting Ground Zero in 2001. In reaction to the Instagram picture depicting Trump at that heinous event so many years ago, Instagram published a fact-check that stated there was “Missing Context.”

Reports show that Posobiec wrote in his post that nobody told Trump he had to go, but he went nonetheless. Getty Images is credited with the image. Even though no allegations were made other than that Trump was present, a fact-check was put on the photo. Instagram’s parent company, Meta, is always looking for ways to undermine Trump.

When readers opened the message, they saw a fact-check. According to Lead Stories, the result of their fact check is that the piece contains “missing context,” which claimed that there is no proof that Donald Trump paid hundreds of people to assist with search and rescue following 9/11. The fact check is of the photo of Trump at the site of the 2001 terrorist assault. The post made no assertions except that he was present, which he was.

Snopes concluded that the post was “partly fake.” It provided “additional information” on the topic when it questioned if Donald Trump was on Ground Zero searching for survivors two days after 9/11 with staff he paid for. Again, this was based on a fact-check of a photograph that made no further assertions. Still, Snopes rated Trump’s claim that he brought the staff down to Ground Zero as “unproven.”

Years after the 9-11 attack, a meme based on the same Getty photo began circulating with the caption that claimed two days after the September 11th attacks, Donald Trump arrived at ground zero with hundreds of paid employees to help discover and identify victims.

According to the New York Times, Trump went to Ground Zero two days after the attacks, on September 13, 2001. Trump explained that many of those injured were firemen, police officers, and other emergency personnel. And he was there as well, but he didn’t consider himself a first responder. Trump further stated that he had a lot of men down there. Over 100 people, with another 125 on the way. They would be participating in any way, helping to reconstruct.

In 2001, Trump was a private individual, a native New Yorker, and a local businessman.
The City of New York and Larry Silverstein, the property’s developer, spearheaded the repair work.

Reports show that during a 2016 speaking event in Buffalo, New York, Trump stated that everyone who helped clear the rubble was incredible. They helped to locate more survivors. They didn’t know what would happen to all of us, but they handled it well, he remarked.

The media can be unnecessarily petty, to put it mildly.