Facebook Whistleblower Wants An Army Of Lawyers To Target Mark Zuckerberg

(RepublicanInformer.com)- A non-profit organization aimed at holding Mark Zuckerberg’s firm “accountable” for its deeds is being launched by far-left Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen. Haugen wants to build an army of attorneys to take on Big Tech companies like Facebook (now known as Meta) and others that don’t support her vision of the Internet.

According to reports, the group will be called Beyond the Screen and will concentrate on three objectives: educating lawyers who may end up suing tech companies; motivating investors to look into a tech company’s social responsibility before investing in it and providing regulators and researchers with access to tech companies’ internal operations.

According to reports, Haugen is collaborating with two other individuals on the endeavor and plans to raise $5 million to start the business. The story also says that she has already gotten some financing from unidentified donors. According to reports, Haugen expects that Beyond the Screen will provide attorneys a better chance when suing social media corporations in mass actions.

Additionally, Haugen wants to create a statistic that would allow investors to assess how well various social media firms are doing in protecting their customers. One day, Haugen intends to create a fake social network that can be used to show and test how platforms and algorithms operate.

To assist users in better understand how these platforms operate and how their data is used, it is intended to develop a simulated social media network. Haugen stated in an interview with Vogue the previous year that she wished to create “an open-source social network for students of all ages to learn and experiment on.”

Haugen stated that she aims to make her group obsolete because social media firms won’t require ardent watchdogs in the future.

Her greatest dream is that she’s not relevant anymore, though it might be some time before it happens. While she has advocated for laws in the US and EU, Haugen says she wants Beyond the Screen to concentrate on the rest of the globe because there are nations where Facebook is practically the only internet access.