Famous Liberal Arrested After Admitting To Abusing His Own Mother

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Famous left-wing internet personality Christine Chandler, known on the Internet as “Chris Chan,” has been arrested after admitting to raping his 80-year-old mother. Chandler, who transitioned from male to female and calls herself “Christine,” was originally named “Christian” Chandler and became famous online for his erratic behavior and bizarre cartoons.

Chan is the subject of a 60-part documentary on YouTube that describes as the most documented person in history, following his regular online video postings and very public life.

Chandler was arrested while staying in a hotel in Richmond, Virginia, after an Emergency Protective Order was put in place banning Chandler from staying in his home with his mother, Barbara Chandler.

The arrest was caught on camera by a number of online characters and YouTubers.

Chris Chan, who is also autistic, was known online for his “love quest” – a mission to find what he called a “boyfriend-free girl” who would be willing to have sexual relations with him. He has been the target of trolls for many years, prompting many to question why online Internet personalities willingly engaged in his bullying. However, the recent admission to molesting and having sex with his 80-year-old mother has left many of those people realizing that he may have been a predator all alone.

Chan’s mother is said to be suffering from dementia, and it is not clear whether she fully understands what has happened to her.

The revelations came after an almost 10-minute audio clip of Chris talking about raping his mother was published on the online troll forum, Kiwi Farms. He said that he began raping his mother in June this year, and said that they have been having sex “every third night” with the first night being June 27. He claimed in the clip that his mother wanted to do it.

Incredibly, he also described the sex in graphic detail, suggesting that his late father, Robert Chandler, never hit his mother’s “g-spot.” We will spare you the rest of the details.

Chris Chan is now in the women’s wing of a Virginia prison.