Famous Movie Star Returns, Says He’s “Uncancelled”

(RepublicanInformer.com)- British actor Laurence Fox is back – this time starring in the title role of the upcoming independent film “My Son Hunter.”

Last week Fox shared the news on Twitter, posting a brief video and announcing that he has been “temporarily un-cancelled” in order to take on the role of President Joe Biden’s wayward son Hunter.

Fox is an outspoken populist conservative, a rarity among movie actors. Over the years he became a lightning rod of Leftist outrage culture over his decidedly “anti-woke” remarks – most recently his criticisms of Meghan Markle and his very vocal objections to COVID restrictions.

Earlier this year, Fox formed the “anti-woke” Reclaim Party and announced his candidacy for Mayor of London. Though he lost his run, his Reclaim Party presses on.

Fox’s outspoken “anti-woke” positions got him in hot water in the UK. Last fall he was dropped by Artists Right Group, the agency that represented him. Artists Right Group confirmed they dropped the actor citing Fox’s “controversial” political views as the reason they gave him the boot.

One of those “controversial” moments came after Fox appeared on the BBC show “Question Time” where he called an audience member a racist for referring to him as a “white privileged male” after Fox slammed Meghan Markle for whining about her treatment in the press and accusing them of racism.

During his run for Mayor of London, Fox frequently encouraged Londoners to practice civil disobedience against the city’s COVID lockdown measures.

Fox remains an outspoken “anti-woke” and “anti-cancel culture” voice on social media, garnering an enthusiastic following on both sides of the Atlantic.

“My Son Hunter” is a crowdfunded project launched by filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer – the same team that produced “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” starring conservative actors Dean Cain and Nick Searcy (who also directed the film). They are also the team behind the “FBI Lovebirds,” and “ObamaGate the Movie.”

Veteran actor and outspoken conservative Robert Davi will direct “My Son Hunter” which isn’t a documentary, but a full-length feature film.

You can find out more about “My Son Hunter” HERE.