Famous TV Star Defines A Woman

(RepublicanInformer.com)- A famous British TV broadcaster has spoken out against the current transgender trend.

Anne Robinson, 77, was interviewed by The Telegraph when she made her frank remarks, repeating her renowned “You are the weakest link – goodbye!”

Robinson stated bluntly and succinctly that a lady has a vagina. She also said she is shocked by the lack of safety in women’s locker rooms, swimming pools, etc.

She said the most intriguing information is how few trans people get medically altered. So that means it’s guys with penises in women’s locker rooms.

Robinson said that parents taking their unhappy children to the Tavistock, a gender clinic, at 13 is a problem. They are affirming that the child was born “in the wrong body,”
When they don’t know that that is the problem. Will they want that new body when they grow up?

Robinson’s bluntness continued.

The game show host said an aspect of fat-ism about all of us. If older women are going to be trotted out on television, and we are supposed to be delighted to see them, we can’t start with obese 70-year-old ladies with terrible hair.

Robinson used Oprah Winfrey as an example. She said you end up turning on the TV to see if this will be one of her fat times or one of her skinny ones. And she’s determined that she’s better big than skinny because she is short-tempered and rude when hungry.

Next up on her verbal assault was Meghan Markle.

“My grandkids are an eighth Chinese, and I wouldn’t have thought it was the least bit unusual or offensive to say: ‘I wonder how Chinese they’ll look?’” Robinson said, referring to Markle’s complaint that a member of the British royal family had disparaged her son Archie’s skin tone.
Robinson smiles when she realizes that her bluntness has offended, stating that if you ever get her to do a job, half the audience would say, “Oh, no; not her.”

She says that it’s for the simple reason that if you are as outspoken and self-assured as she is, you will always encounter others who say, “God, she really gets up my nose.”

She concluded by saying that you will know it’s time to see a gynecologist if you put the key in your house door at night and you know you want to kill everyone on the other side. She said you should go to a female gynecologist and avoid male gynecologists at all costs when this happens. The chances of your primary care physician being knowledgeable enough about menopause are almost zero.

In terms of doctors, male gynos are The Weakest Link.