Fans Cheer As Possible “Blockbuster” Return Is Signaled Online 

( Last week, cinephiles were given a bit of nostalgic joy when they discovered that Blockbuster Video’s website had been revived, prompting some on social media to wonder whether the firm was making a return. 

A mysterious notice reads on right now – “We are working on rewinding your movie.” 

The company’s official account on Twitter has been tweeting jokes nonstop. 

In 1985, David Cook launched Blockbuster as a place to rent movies and video games. At its pinnacle in 2004, Blockbuster Video had over 9,000 locations and employed over 84,000 workers. Many people considered picking up a movie from Blockbuster on the weekend to be a ritual. 

Blockbuster was ultimately brought down by technological advances, most notably the rise of DVD rental services by mail and the subsequent streaming media platforms. In 2010, the firm declared bankruptcy, and by 2014, most of its outlets had been closed. 

Just one franchised establishment in Bend, Oregon, is still operating, and it continues to attract many visitors.  

In 2020, Netflix aired the documentary “The Last Blockbuster.” 

Some of their faithful followers were overjoyed at the prospect of a Blockbuster revival, but some questioned the viability of a traditional video shop. People offered solutions for modernizing the industry. One devoted follower recommended a streaming service with prices lower than Netflix’s. 

The business tried to modify its movie-rental system to meet customers’ evolving preferences. Blockbuster did begin offering DVD rental by mail, but shortly after Netflix’s arrived and Blockbuster was slow to adopt streaming technology. 

According to Variety, in 2011, the Blockbuster name was sold to satellite TV provider Dish for $320 million. Blockbuster On Demand was developed as a separate app under their control.  

The app is temporarily unavailable.