Fans Devastated After Amy Schumer’s Diagnosis

Online criticism of 42-year-old comedian Amy Schumer’s bloated face led to her disclosing her diagnosis of a rare health condition– Cushing’s Disease.

Gaining weight around the middle, a fatty mass between the shoulders (called a Buffalo Hump), stretch marks (pink or purple), thin skin, and other symptoms are all possible.

Depending on the underlying cause of Cushing syndrome, treatment aims to reduce cortisol levels.

For the second season of her Hulu comedy Life & Beth, Schumer made promotional appearances on Good Morning America and The Tonight Show. Last week, she addressed online rumors over her appearance.

Schumer informed her 13 million Instagram followers on February 15 that she was dealing with the autoimmune condition endometriosis, which she said was causing some swelling.

“The best news ever” was learning that her Cushing’s condition is the kind that “will just work itself out” and that she is well.

Schumer stated her desire to advocate for women’s health as the reason for disclosing her medical information.

Not long ago, the comedian was in the news after several viewers commented on her look during the premiere of her new season of “Life & Beth.” After previously acknowledging that her face appeared “puffier than normal,” she is now disclosing her diagnosis of Cushing syndrome.

In particular, she suffers from exogenous Cushing syndrome, a condition brought on by chronic heavy steroid use. According to Schumer, these steroids can also help with endometriosis.

In Jessica Yellin’s “News Not Noise” email, the actress and producer revealed that she sought medical attention after receiving remarks about her “puffy face” on social media.

Excessive levels of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to Cushing syndrome. The NIH reports that the disorder’s symptoms include an increase in body fat, a swollen face, and hypertension. According to the NIH, the rare condition can be fatal if not treated; it affects just 40 to 70 out of every million people.

During her “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” appearance on February 14, Schumer addressed the online remarks that compared her to a cabbage patch doll. 

Cushing syndrome typically only manifests in adults and strikes women three times more frequently than males, as reported by the NIH. The Mayo Clinic reports that while treatments differ, they often involve medicine, surgery, and radiation when doctors think it’s necessary.