Farmer Makes Once In a Lifetime Discovery

Upon examining the discovery made by a Bulgarian farmer, archaeologists quickly recognized that what he had stumbled upon was something remarkable.

The echoes of ancient Rome live in the serene landscapes of Nova Varbovka, Bulgaria.

During his daily routine in Bulgaria, a farmer unexpectedly ran into a sizable stone while operating his tractor. Upon inspection, he saw a startling sight – a collection of human bones sticking up from the soil.

The man called the authorities, who brought in an archaeologist, Kalin Chakarov, from the Veliko Tarnovo Regional Museum of History.

While combing the site, a second stone tomb was discovered during field excavations. According to Chakarov, the graves were constructed using bricks, stones, and mortar and were then topped with large limestone slabs.

Archaeologists made a fascinating discovery in the smaller grave. Amongst the remains of a toddler, they uncovered a collection of precious artifacts, including a necklace, some coins, gold earrings, and an exceptionally unique medallion featuring the likeness of a Roman emperor.

Archaeologists made another remarkable discovery within the expansive grave measuring approximately 10 feet in length– the remains of a man and woman. It’s been estimated that they passed away between the ages of 45 and 60, shedding light on their lives from centuries ago. The duo was laid to rest with various treasures, including glass bottles and a lamp.

Chakarov suggested that the burials are likely connected to a family. Tragically, a child passed away, and subsequently, their parents were laid to rest in the exact location, albeit in separate graves.

The discovery of the ancient tombs is approximately 1,700 years old, dating back to 200 to 250 A.D.

According to the museum, the tombs and the lavish content surrounding the burials imply that the individuals laid to rest were probably affluent landowners or esteemed members of the community.