FBI Director Admits Horrific Truth Of Border Crisis

(RepublicanInformer.com)- President Joe Biden only ever admitted that the situation on the southern border is a crisis by accident, but FBI director Christopher Wray is a little more blunt about the situation.

While testifying before Congress last week, Wray said that illegal gang activity occurring on the other side of the border is currently “spilling over” into the United States.

It’s precisely what former President Donald Trump warned about, and something the Democrats – including Joe Biden – claimed made him xenophobic and racist.

During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, Wray was posed questions about gang activity across the United States. He admitted that “quite a number” of people who have illegally crossed the border into the United States were being smuggled into the country by cartels and gangs, leaving those people indebted to foreign criminal organizations.

He said that there is “no question” that cartel activity in Mexico is spilling over into the United States, not just directly from these gang members, but in the form of thousands of illegal aliens being indebted to criminal organizations and working on their behalf.

Wray said that Mexican cartels also have different affiliations with U.S.-based gangs and that they are engaged not just in human trafficking but also in sex trafficking.

But the Democrats want you to think illegal immigration is just about people coming to America to live the American dream…

While President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris fail to take any meaningful action on the border, Republicans are stepping up their game in the absence of President Donald Trump. Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott vowed last week to direct funds to the construction of a border wall along the Texas border with Mexico, which will complement the wall already constructed by the Trump administration.

And Democrats are losing their minds.

If the FBI admit it’s happening, why do the Democrats keep pretending it’s not?