FBI Director Goes Quiet Over FBI Raid Of Trump

(RepublicanInformer.com)- While visiting the FBI field office in Omaha last Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray deflected a reporter’s question about former President Trump suggesting that the agents could have planted evidence while conducting their search of Mar-a-Lago last Monday.

Trump had posted on Truth Social that the FBI had ordered everyone to leave the premises while the search was carried out, suggesting that the agents didn’t want anyone to see what they were doing. Trump added “hopefully” the agents weren’t “planting” anything.

A reporter wanted Wray to comment on the former president’s post. But rather than respond, Wray said that was not something he could discuss, referring the reporter to “the department.”

Instead, Wray seemed far more interested in advancing the narrative that the real victim here is the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Wray expressed concern over “violence and threats against law enforcement,” calling them “deplorable and dangerous.”

Happy to help make the FBI the victim, another reporter asked Wray if the bureau was concerned that the Mar-a-Lago raid could “embolden” or “incentivize some of the bad actors from January 6” to carry out something “similar.”

Wray reiterated his condemnation of violence against law enforcement and then voiced concern over the rise of attacks on law enforcement over recent years (that had nothing to do with the “bad actors from January 6”).