FBI Director Will Get A Disturbing Phone Call

To discuss the FBI’s handling of a subpoena for a document that allegedly exposes a bribery conspiracy between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign person, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced Thursday that he intends to contact FBI Director Christopher Wray. 

The document’s existence was revealed earlier this month, and on Wednesday, the agency responded to requests for copies made by the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, and Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa. 

The FBI sent a letter to the lawmakers explaining why it could not provide them with the data, citing many privilege and security concerns. The letter also revealed, however, that the FBI was open to working with the legislators on the issue.

As soon as either lawmaker expressed discontent with the letter, McCarthy joined them, calling the FBI’s response “unacceptable” in an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

To that end, he declared he would call Director Wray because they have oversight of the FBI. 

McCarthy said they are ideally within their legal rights. He said representative James Comer is only behaving in accordance with the data at hand. 

He said it is “crucial that we track down every piece of data.”

McCarthy noted that it’s fascinating that multiple governments overseas have funneled millions of dollars through a web of limited liability corporations that reaches all the way down to the Bidens’ grandchildren.

The existence of the FD-1023 form was initially brought to the notice of legislators by a whistleblower. A “precise description” of the claimed scheme, along with an explanation of the thought process that went into its development, is what this document is meant to convey.

In light of the numerous ongoing investigations into the allegedly corrupt financial transactions of the First Family and the administration of President Joe Biden, the paper would be of significant relevance to Republicans.