FBI “Drill” Goes Very Wrong

They barged into the wrong room at the Boston hotel, woke the visitor in the dead of night, handcuffed him, threw him in the shower, and questioned him for an hour before realizing their mistake.

During a training exercise at the Revere Hotel, the FBI and Department of Military agents stormed the incorrect room and roughed up an innocent man. The correct man was “in” on the exercise and was to role-play. But he was left waiting in another room.

The Delta Air Lines pilot, in his 30s, staying in Room 1505, was taken aback when authorities barged in at about 10 p.m. on Tuesday.

The station reports the pilot was handcuffed and thrown in the shower while they interrogated him.

After questioning the guy, for well over an hour, the agents realized they had the wrong person.

Federal agents apologized and uncuffed him.

According to a statement given to the news media, the Boston field office of the FBI assisted the Department of Defense in conducting a simulation “to recreate a situation their personnel might encounter in a deployed location.”

According to the statement, they went to the wrong room and arrested the wrong individual because of false information. 

The hotel called for help, and the police and ambulances arrived shortly after. The police report stated that the pilot refused medical attention.

The pilot declined to talk about the horrific occurrence he had experienced. He said he needed to clear any comments with his superior beforehand.

Delta has issued a statement saying they are looking into the matter.

In response to this unfortunate case of mistaken identification, the FBI in Boston is conducting an investigation and will provide its findings to the Department of Defense “for further action, if considered appropriate.”