FBI Exposed After GOP Releases Intel Exposing Them

(RepublicanInformer.com)- If Attorney General Merrick Garland thinks that the school board memo from the Department of Justice that compared parents to domestic terrorists has been forgotten about, he can think again. House Republicans now say that the FBI is purposely stonewalling and also “refusing to accept accountability” for the role it played in demonizing parents who don’t their children to be taught Critical Race Theory in schools.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who is a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, sent a letter on Thursday signed by 17 other GOP legislators to FBI Director Christopher Wray. In the letter, the GOP members of Congress accused the FBI of failing to answer questions about the matter despite months of questioning.

The letter said that the legislators had received a half-page response from the FBI to their “serious concerns about the FBI’s use of counterterrorism resources.”

“Your response declined to answer in detail any questions we posed or to provide any documents we sought. Your response regrettably highlights the FBI’s pattern of refusing to accept accountability for its actions and explains why public trust in the FBI’s senior leadership has eroded so significantly,” they continued.

Rep. Jordan also said that the Biden administration was guilty of coordinating with the National School Boards Association to create a “pretext” for Attorney General Garland to investigate parents at school board meetings.

In their latter, House Republicans reiterated more than a dozen questions that they had already asked the Department of Justice. They asked to be given all documents relating to the FBI’s role as a member of the Department of Justice’s task force, as well as all agendas and meeting notes made by the FBI when implementing the directive from Garland to treat parents as domestic terrorists.

The chances of them getting those documents, however?

If recent history is anything to go by…they’re slim.