FBI Lie Detector Test Leaves Possible Witness Stood Up

(Republicaninformer.com)- To assess Lucy Studey’s credibility regarding charges that her father murdered and interred possibly dozens of women and some men in the Iowan town of Green Hollow, the FBI stood her up on Friday and postponed a polygraph examination until at least the following week.

Sources say that federal investigators from throughout the nation are working on the case and want to converge on Thurman, Iowa, near Green Hollow as early as next week. They have been looking into these allegations against Donald Dean Studey for months.

Investigators have even paved a portion of the difficult-to-reach property to provide them easy access if remains are discovered while drilling a deep dry well and checking nearby shallow graves. The well might be excavated to do additional testing on samples for remains if remains are found.

As the FBI had specified, Studey claimed she arrived at the Lakeland, Florida, office on time on Friday at 10 a.m. EST. She was informed that the agent she communicated with to set up the lie-detector test was off for the day once she buzzed to be let in. Then, according to Studey, she was informed that the FBI does not perform polygraphs at that location.

The Lakeland office then informed her that they just forgot to call her to reschedule and that the testing would take place at that office later. They might reschedule for some point next week, Studey was informed later in the day.

The county where the land is located is under the control of the FBI Omaha Office, which declined to comment on the polygraph incident. The office earlier declared that it had helped the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, handling the investigation with the FBI and the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department. DCI declined to respond as well.

Scott Olson, a former assistant special agent in charge of intelligence and counterintelligence in New York, expressed his shock that someone would schedule a meeting but not show up. “It’s the height of incompetence.”

A polygraph examination is a lie detector test that gives the subject and tester a chance to fine-tune their line of inquiry. Studies have indicated that they are between 75% and 87% accurate in detecting deceit and cueing in on behaviors to determine if witnesses or suspects are telling the truth.

In most courts, the tests are not accepted.

Police and agents had stated that Studey’s account is credible from the outset of the case, dating back to early 2021 when investigators started investigating Studey seriously. Since she was a little child, Studey claims she has repeatedly told her tale to her instructors, school administrators, and the police.

Becker claimed that alone makes her more credible as a witness.

“Why would you come out of the closet and take the chance of giving false information to the police who are now beginning to invest time and money – and then perhaps get charged with supplying false information, possibly face a felony, possibly face prison time?” said Becker.