FBI Won’t Say Why It’s Investigating A “Creepy Doll” Company 

(Republicaninformer.com)- A spokesperson for the FBI, Kristen Setera, confirmed that agents had been “conducting law enforcement work” at Kat’s Scary Creations in Peabody, Massachusetts and another location in Salem, Massachusetts. 

Kat’s Creepy Creations Facebook book page describes the owner, Kat McClean, as a creator in the genres of horror, macabre, oddities, and the eerie. 

On Tuesday, FBI officers executed a search warrant at the Peabody store specializing in “scary dolls,” bone art, and other oddities as part of an ongoing federal investigation. 

The officer said the FBI would be refraining from talking about the inquiry’s substance to safeguard the existing probe’s integrity. 

Kat’s Scary Creations is located at 58 Pulaski Street, Peabody, MA, as stated in the business’s Instagram description. Items in the shop “shock the intellect and unsettle the spirit.” Kat MacLean, the store’s owner, was asked for comment but did not immediately reply. 

Scenes for Adam Sandler’s next film, “Hubie Halloween,” which were filmed in Salem and other parts of Massachusetts, were captured in the snapshot. 

A caption on one of the store’s website pictures says that you’re looking at a  genuine human skull. It also says if you’re looking to buy human skeletons, “please get in contact with me.” 

One can imagine how this pricked up the FBI’s ears. It’s not an everyday item in a sundry shop. 

Another 2019 tweet claims to feature a depiction of “real human vertebrae” that someone can purchase. 

Searches were conducted at a Pleasant Street home with two units, as reported by The Salem News. A nearby resident told the news outlet that he had seen what seemed to be sacks, cartons, and storage bins — some labeled “biohazard” — being carried outside and loaded onto a vehicle. 

When The Boston Globe contacted Salem Police, Chief Lucas J. Miller sent all questions to the FBI. 

“The only thing I can tell you is that there is no proof of continuous threats to the public,” Miller said in an email to the Boston Globe.