FEC Sends Warning To Marjorie Taylor Greene

(Republicaninformer.com)- A Political Action Committee connected to Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been sent a warning by the Federal Election Commission.

The warning was issued to the “Save America Stop Socialism” PAC, which is aligned with Greene, a firebrand conservative member of the House of Representatives from Georgia.

An official with the FEC outlines the fact that all the financial numbers on their disclosure sheets have to actually add up. They also aren’t allowed to misrepresent the amount of cash that they have on hand.

They also were warned that “contributions may not be designated for an election which has already occurred,” unless it is being done to reduce previous debts.

The final topic outlined by the FEC refers to Greene’s PAC sending $5,000 to J.R. Majewski, a Republican candidate for the House from the 9th district in Ohio, after his primary was already over.

Majewski himself has faced repeated questions about his own military service record as well as financial transparency. He made it through the Republican primary in his district in Ohio and is facing off against Democratic Representative Marcy Kaptur.

That race is projected to be one of the tightest races for the House across the nation in less than two weeks.

In the letter, the FEC official said that any future audit or “enforcement action” would take place if the PAC isn’t able to get everything straight and abide by federal elections laws.

This isn’t the first time that Greene has found herself in a position like this. Back in 2020, during the last election cycle, she was found to have amended her campaign finance filings all during one day. What she did was try to convert almost $1 million of campaign donations over to loans that would then be carried forward.

The recent incident comes from the amended financial report the PAC made back in July. The letter was sent to the PAC on October 19 warning them of the issues with the filing.

The PAC aligned with Greene now has through November 23 to respond to the letter that the FEC sent. The agency said recently that it wouldn’t grant them any extension to that deadline if they requested one.

Should the PAC not respond by that time, the full audit or other “enforcement action” would take place.

It’s not unusual that the FEC sends letters to various political committees to warn them about possible violations of campaign finance law or of simple accounting mistakes. It’s understandable, of course, that some of these committees may make the occasional accounting error from time to time.

That being said, the errors that the FEC is claiming Greene’s PAC made are quite egregious.

Depending on what comes of this circumstance, the PAC could face fines, federal audits and perhaps even a referral to the Department of Justice to look into charging officials with federal crimes.

That’s not likely, but it’s possible under the law.