Federal Judge Prevents Iowa Republicans From Enforcing Migrant Law

Over the last several years, left wing politicians and progressive activists in nations across the western world have become increasingly radical in their positions and espoused agenda. While this has resulted in an alienation of working class voters and a historic realignment of these voters (which were for a long time the most reliable voting base of the Democratic party) with right-wing political parties in the United States (namely Republicans), progressives remain dedicated to their far-left agenda. Indeed, while they have lost the support of rural and working class voters in suburbs, they have cemented support in urban areas and cities, supplemented by a realignment of wealthy and affluent voters (who had long voted reliably for Republicans) to their party. While not a guarantee by any means, an individual’s socioeconomic status is an indicator of one’s  political leanings. One of the issues that progressives have heavily espoused and lobbied for in North American politics is the cause of “green” energy. 

Additionally, the vast majority of the public does not support this strict transition. Even in liberal New Jersey, a super majority of residents oppose the wind turbine projects that had been proposed along the shore of the state. President Biden has attempted to stop a project in Louisiana in relation to natural gas which would have amounted to $10 billion in costs. Natural gas is “low carbon” and would be an economic positive for energy.

It has often appeared in recent years that America’s judicial and political institutions have sometimes worked to promote the interests of groups contrary or opposed to the general collective body of the American people they are supposed to be representing and serving. In the state of Iowa, a federal judge blocked Iowa state legislative Republicans from implementing a recently created immigration law. The law allows for the deportation of illegal migrants who had previously been denied national entry. The federal and state immigration battle continues.