Federal “Witness” From January 6th Was A Secret Government Informant 

(Republicaninformer.com)- According to a report, prosecutors have notified the defense counsel for the 5 Proud Boys in court for their alleged involvement in the Capitol attack that one witness they intended to present on their side has been a federal informant since 2021. 

Carmen Hernandez, a lawyer for Zachary Rehl, one of the Proud Boys,  said in a motion requesting more details on informants in the case.  The informant has been interacting via telephone, text messaging, and other electronic communication with some of the defense counsels and at least one defendant. 

Hernandez submitted this motion on behalf of the five defendants on trial for seditious conspiracy. Former Proud Boys national chairman Enrique Tarrio is one of the accused. At a prayer meeting held with a prisoner’s family, the informant allegedly discussed the defense team’s composition, according to documents submitted by Hernandez. 

A report reveals that defense attorney Hernandez said in court documents that prosecutors informed their team that the person they planned to call on was working for the government. 

In the court documents, the identity of the source was redacted. Hernandez, however, maintained that the witness had been a secret source for the state from at least April 2021 through January 2023. 

Reports show that the judge in the case has told prosecutors to submit a reply to the documents. 

AP reports that the Proud Boys have been charged with plotting to prevent Joe Biden from succeeding President Trump in 2020. 

The defense has said there’s no proof the Proud Boys planned an assault on the Capitol to stop Congress from recognizing Biden as the election winner. 

The informant claims that the Proud Boys aided law officers when they were in the Capitol building, and no conspiracy plot existed. 

According to an account, which can be seen on page 15 of the FBI’s “Reporting Document” from January 6th, cops were grateful, and one even gave the Proud Boys praise as they helped de-escalate the situation and remove rowdy individuals.