Feds Asked To Investigate Bounty On Supreme Court Justices

(RepublicanInformer.com)- ShutDownDC, the radical group offering bounties to those who provide tips on the locations of the conservative justices on the Supreme Court should be seen as a threat, according to former FBI Assistant Director of Intelligence, Kevin Brock.

Brock told Just the News that if the Justice Department treats threats from the left differently than it treats threats from the right, it is a “danger to America.”

After it was reported that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was hurried out of the back of Morton’s Steak House in DC to avoid a crowd of protesters outside, ShutDownDC tweeted a call to “DC Service Industry Workers” telling them if they see any of the six conservative justices to “DM us the details!” In exchange, ShutdownDC would pay them via Venmo. Tipsters would get $50 for a confirmed sighting and $200 if the justice is still at the location by the time the activists get there to harass them.

Brock told Just the News that any call to action against the Supreme Court justices must be “interpreted as a threat by any reasonable person.”

He argued that the Justice Department should take steps to investigate the groups that are trying to pay the public to track down the justices. At the least, Brock said, ShutDownDC is trying to intimidate the justices. At worst, the group is trying to “physically harm them.”

Brock told Just the News that the biggest concern is that the Justice Department isn’t responding the same way to threats coming from the left that they do threats from the right. “That is a danger to America,” Brock said.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has also faced criticism for failing to uphold federal law that prohibits intimidating judges. Republican lawmakers have blasted the DOJ for not acting quickly enough to stop the spate of violence directed at pro-life pregnancy centers and churches that began after the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion on Dobbs.

Meanwhile, the White House has consistently refused to condemn the left’s intimidation of the conservative justices.

In a press conference earlier this month, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy brought up the incident at Morton’s Steak House and asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if the Biden Administration thought such targeted harassment was acceptable.

Jean-Pierre dismissed the claims of harassment, arguing that these are peaceful protests. She said the White House “for sure” supports this kind of “protest” “if it’s peaceful,” claiming, “this is what a democracy is.”