Feds Secretly Targeted Tara Reade After Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden

(Republicaninformer.com)- After Tara Reade claimed that then-Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden had physically assaulted her while she was a Senate aide in 1993, the Justice Department reportedly subpoenaed Twitter for information regarding Reade’s accounts in 2020, according to recently released documents.

According to a report, the agency asked Twitter to testify before a grand jury in December 2020 and provide all subscriber information from Reade’s accounts.

The subpoena requested details on Reade’s handles, including @ReadeAlexandra and @TaraMcCabe, as well as the addresses of the accounts, session records, length of service, personal user information, and potential payment options, including credit card numbers.

Reade claimed that she didn’t know why the FBI was interested in her Twitter accounts.

She remarked that there would be no reason for them to do that aside from speaking out about Joe Biden.

According to reports, Tara Reade claimed that Biden assaulted her in a Senate building on Capitol Hill while working as his assistant a few months before the subpoena. In December 2020, Perkins Coie-linked attorney Hayden Schottlaender of Twitter informed Reade of the subpoena and stated that the social media platform intended to comply.

Reade reported the incident to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department in April 2020. The department has stated that her case is inactive, but the complaint has already exceeded the statute of limitations.

Reade told the Associated Press that she remembered talking about him wanting to see her serve drinks because he liked her legs and thought she was pretty. It made her uncomfortable. The assault was something she wanted to write about but was afraid.

Reade has cited several close friends who claim she told them about the alleged assault over the years as evidence to support her claims. She added that in August 1993, her mother called “Larry King Live” and asked the host what her daughter could do instead of approaching the media about problems she had encountered while working for a prominent Senator.

Reports show Reade called on the GOP-majority House to launch an investigation and told the media that she would be willing to testify about her claims under oath. She recently charged Biden with hacking her computer in 1993.

The Biden family. What a disgusting group of people.