Feds Set Record For Arrests At Border Under Biden

(RepublicanInformer.com)- New data released on Monday reveals how the number of illegal aliens arrested at the United States-Mexico border during October – the first October of President Joe Biden’s presidency – reached the highest-ever recorded for the month.

Some 164,303 arrests were made by Customs and Border Protection officials last month. It’s more than estimates for the month, and some 55% higher than the last October high.

Most of those who were arrested and taken into custody were single adults, while a quarter of them were family units. The remaining aliens arrested were minors apparently traveling without a parent of a responsible adult.

There was a notable increase in the number of illegal aliens trying to enter the United States after previously being ejected, suggesting that President Joe Biden’s policies are enticing people to continue trying to gain illegal entry into the United States in the hope that they will be granted access or even put on a pathway to citizenship.

It’s important to note, also, that these numbers don’t include the number of people who escaped arrest and managed to illegally gain entry to the country. The internal data, which was obtained by news outlets including The Epoch Times, suggests that border agents believe around 50,000 people may have slipped through in October alone.

Troy Miller, the acting Commissioner of the United States Customs and Border Protection agency, said that October is the third straight month of declining unauthorized migrant encounters on the Southwest border, in an apparent attempt to play down the problem. He added that the CBP workforce is working with partners across the federal government to “disrupt the smugglers intent on exploiting vulnerable migrants for profit.”

The American people would also like to know whether more will be done to stop this huge influx of aliens across the border, not just for the protection of those being exploited for profit, but also for the protection of the American people.