Fetterman Slams Democrats Who Don’t Support Biden

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has lashed out at Democrat colleagues for failing to back President Biden in his re-election bid. He sarcastically told MSNBC reporters that they may as well wear MAGA hats because they are helping Donald Trump to such an extent. Fetterman, whose state has voted for the eventual winner in 11 of the last 13 Presidential elections, said it will be tough for Biden this year and called on all Democrats to buckle down and help the President get over the line.

The Senator criticized Democrats for publicly questioning Biden’s electability and expressing concerns about his age and mental capacity, particularly in light of the recent Special Counsel report that described the President as an old man with memory problems. He singled out Democratic strategist James Carville and bluntly said he should “shut the **** up.”

Mr. Carville has long questioned the wisdom of President Biden’s candidacy and as far back as 2021, criticized the Democratic party for its “wokeness.” In December, he told CNN that “everybody” believes Biden will lose the election, and he was skeptical that the White House plan to emphasize economic recovery would win over American voters. Carville also warns that Biden is losing the support of younger voters, an issue Senator Fetterman has likewise addressed.

Unlike many Democrat colleagues in Congress, Fetterman resolutely supports Israel – an issue pushing young voters away from his party. However, he has dared those young people to risk a second Trump administration and see how they like it. Politico columnist Jonathan Martin wrote that Fetterman warned younger voters to consider what it would be like under an administration that gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “more of a free hand.”

The Middle East conflict has exposed divisions in the Democratic Party since the terror attack on Israel last October. A survey last November showed that 69% of young Democrats were unhappy with Biden’s support of Israel and his handling of the conflict.