Fight Breaks Out On Fox News With Host And Contributor

( Will Cain and Geraldo Rivera of Fox News got into a heated argument while discussing individuals who have used the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband as political fodder.

When Howard Kurtz invited them on Sunday to talk about the press coverage surrounding the assault on Paul Pelosi, the two got into an argument.

Kurtz brought up David DePape’s history of weird conduct and mental instability to question whether it disproves people in the media who characterized DePape as a “Trumpian right-winger” even though DePape acknowledged carrying out his actions with political intent.

In his opening statement, Cain charged that the media had used the Pelosi attack “to malign their political opponents.”

Referring to NBC’s decision to scrap their coverage of the incident after deciding the report was based on questionable sourcing and did not meet editorial standards, he accused outlets of spreading false information about the attack.

Cain argues that the media frequently sensationalizes news events to falsely accuse people without any evidence.

“So how can you then indict individuals for believing that false information if you put out false information?” Cain asked.

Cain said that when you move from 0 to 60, you go from a lack of information to indicting a large group of political opponents. He believes the media errs greatly when it creates enormous, expansive storylines.

However, Rivera attacked the conservatives who made “grotesque,” unfounded assertions about the attack and termed Cain’s analysis “baloney.”

Cain questioned, “What portion of what I said was nonsense?”

Rivera denounced people who had characterized the incident as a “homosexual tryst” gone horribly wrong.

Cain said that you shouldn’t draw irrational conclusions based on the sparse, misleading, and inaccurate information provided by law enforcement and the media.

Cain then charged that President Joe Biden had “indicted 50 percent of America for their political convictions” when he smeared conservatives as being responsible for the hammer attack.

Rivera retaliated, accusing Cain of “gaslighting.”

“What does that have to do with the slander of Paul Pelosi?” Rivera shouted.

“Conservatives for making a joke out of the assault!” said Geraldo.

Cain once more criticized Biden for using a “horrific occurrence to indict people that disagreed with him.”