Flight Attendants Win Lawsuit Over Uniforms

In the state of California, a jury delivered a ruling that required a clothing corporation to pay over one million dollars to four flight attendants who were employed by American Airlines. These attendants had alleged that chemicals that had been utilized in the manufacture of their work uniforms damaged their physical health. The attendants claimed that they experienced headaches, rashes, and breathing problems among other ailments. The attorneys that represented these four women claim that they are eager to represent another 400 attendants who now make the same allegations against the uniform maker after seeing the judicial success that the four attendants from American Airlines achieved in California.

A judge has not yet affirmed the decision made by the jury, but lawyers that represent the attendants claim that it is a procedural technicality, and the affirmation is imminent.

The uniform company, named Twin Hill, is under intense scrutiny. The verdict was made in Alameda County, California in a Superior Court. Tailored Brands, Inc. and Men’s Wearhouse had also been targeted in the suit, but both were dismissed due to a lack of evidence against them.

The attendants allege that formaldehyde, toluene and a plethora of other toxic chemicals may have been utilized to produce their uniforms and claim that their health suffered because of this. It should be noted that resins in which formaldehyde is often present have been utilized for years to keep clothes wrinkle-free and make them more durable. 6 years ago, in 2017 400 employees of American Airlines filed suit against Twin Hill and the other clothing brands aforementioned. While jurors delivered a ruling that forced the company Twin Hill to pay a million, they did rule that the company was not negligent in terms of its designing of the clothes and handled complaints that emerged from the effects of the uniforms with seriousness and in a proper manner. One woman, a longtime flight attendant, received $320,000.