Flight Forced To Land After Maggots Fall On Passengers

Reports reveal that after a passenger’s carry-on bag became infested with maggots, disrupting the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on February 13th, Delta Airlines Flight 133 had to turn back.

A traveler on Delta Airlines Flight 133 reported seeing maggots, which are the larvae of flies, dropping from a bag containing what seemed to be spoiled fish. The small, worm-like insects are common in decomposing organic waste.

Delta Airlines apologized to passengers and verified that the inconvenience was caused by an incorrectly packed carry-on luggage. A bag of spoiled fish was allegedly the source of the maggots, which had been put into the overhead storage. A return to Amsterdam was necessary as a result of the incident, and the impacted customers were rescheduled for the subsequent available flight.

After the flight attendants located the bag containing the maggots, a male passenger took ownership of it and proceeded to open it.  Everyone still seated there gripped their noses as soon as the carry-on bag had been opened.

Reports indicate that the traveler was able to go without encountering any difficulties or being detained in any way.

As part of the cleaning process, the plane was also taken out of service. Following a thorough cleaning of the cabin, the soiled baggage was removed from the airplane and incinerated.

The airline offered its impacted passengers compensation, which consisted of hotel accommodations, a meal ticket for thirty dollars, and eight thousand flight miles. Carry-on luggage is permitted for perishable products according to Delta’s policy, provided that there is no infringement of agricultural laws for the area of destination.

Passengers can bring in their carry-on baggage solid foods, drinks, baby formula, breast milk, produce, meat, shellfish, cooked meals, snacks, and more. It is important for passengers to know that certain items might be screened more thoroughly.

According to the TSA, there is a 3-1-1 liquids rule that they enforce for items that are gel, aerosol, or liquid. This means that passengers can only bring aerosols, gels, and liquids in containers that are 3.4 oz or less each and that all of these containers need to fit into one transparent plastic quart-sized bag with a zip-top.