Footage Shows Tesla’s Automatic Driving Feature Causing Crash In First Evidence Exposing Tesla

( A YouTuber who goes by the name Al Addict posted a video filmed inside a Tesla Model 3 as the car was in “Full Self-Driving” mode. And during the 9-minute video, the self-driving car collided with a bike lane bollard.


The video footage was shot during a drive through downtown San Jose and provides the first recorded evidence of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) being directly responsible for a collision.

The Tesla Model 3 featured in the video contains the latest version of Tesla’s self-driving software, FSD Beta version 10.10. The vehicle veers into the bollard despite the driver hitting the brakes and furiously turning the steering wheel to avoid colliding with the bollard.

At other points during the footage, the Model 3 also ran a red light and attempted to travel down a set of railroad tracks and a tram lane.

Just last week, Tesla was forced to recall 54,000 vehicles because the “Full Self-Driving” software’s “rolling stop” feature caused the vehicles to roll through stop signs instead of coming to a complete halt. Tesla said it knew of no crashes or injuries linked to the “rolling stop” feature.

Just last month Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the FSD Beta system had never caused an accident. But this video footage shows Musk’s claim is no longer the case.

With Tesla’s FSD, the vehicle is capable of level 2 autonomy, meaning the software can control the speed and direction of the car, allowing the driver to only monitor the road to be prepared to take over.

But as was evident from the footage, the driver attempted to take over but was unable to prevent the impact. The crash was not serious, however. The only damage was a transfer of paint onto the front bumper.

Watch HERE.