Forced Hospitalizations Ordered By Mayor

( The mentally ill will be removed from the streets of New York City and involuntarily placed in hospitals as part of a new order by Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, according to The Daily Caller. Adams reportedly said that those suffering from mental health issues have denied “intervention and support” but the city will no longer stand by and do nothing, adding that the city has an obligation to help those who are a danger to themselves.

Adams pushed back against the idea that help cannot or should not be given to those who are a danger, but said that, “Going forward, we will make every effort to assist those who are suffering from mental illness.” He also called attention to the grey areas that have allowed people to “slip through the cracks.”

Among the criteria for being involuntarily placed in the hospital is being a danger to oneself, others, and being unable to provide oneself with basic necessities, such as shelter, food, and health care. This includes individuals with “unawareness or delusional misapprehension of surroundings,” according to a city directive.

The directive also acknowledges that it might be confronted with some legal challenges, but claims that the law does not “provide extensive guidance” on involuntary hospitalizations.

New York City has struggled with a rise in crime in recent years as the city’s leftist politicians capitulate to activists against tough-on-crime policies, according to the conservative magazine American Pigeon.

A Staten Island artist reportedly protested the policies of the city’s district attorney earlier this year when his failure to prosecute criminals led to horrific crimes and deaths. Scott LoBaido covered the sidewalk outside DA Alvin Bragg’s office with items of victims.

On the scene was a pink coat representing what an 11-month-old infant was wearing before she was shot in the Bronx.

“Criminals run the f**king streets because of district attorneys like Alvin Bragg,” LoBaido said pouring red paint over the items.