Former Trump Aide Calls On Nation To Vote For Biden

In an interview with Jen Psaki of MSNBC, Cassidy Hutchinson urged American voters to support Joe Biden in the next presidential contest.

Voting for incumbent Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential campaign is necessary to defend democracy, according to Hutchinson, a former White House adviser.

Hutchinson has stated her hope that the Republican candidate for the next election will not be Trump, even if she is not officially supporting anybody.

“However, I will add that, in my opinion, everyone should cast their ballot for Joe Biden if they are concerned about the future of our democracy,” she said.

She is still hoping that Donald Trump will not become the nominee next year, which is the only reason she is not endorsing a candidate at this time.

Trump is still far and away the favorite to be the Republican nominee for president, even though he is facing a number of criminal allegations.

Meanwhile, Hutchinson commented in September that Trump “is the most dangerous challenge we will face to our democracy in our lifetime, and probably in American history.”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, Hutchinson—a key adviser to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows—said she had “absolutely no interest” in voting for Trump, the former president.

Even when working in Trump’s cabinet, Hutchinson was critical of the president. When she spoke last year before a House committee on January 6th, where she was touted as a star witness that would take down Trump once and for all, she brought up Trump’s activities concerning the Capitol rebellion, which drew criticism and assaults from Trump and his associates for its inaccuracies and falsehoods. One infamous claim that turned out to be a total fabrication was that Trump seized the wheel of The Beast from a secret service agent so that they could head toward the Capitol.

She later released a book where she attacks Trump and describes her time working for him.

Despite being charged with 91 felonies over four indictments, Trump is well ahead of his opponents in the Republican presidential primary race.