Former Trump Prosecutor Shuts Interview After Fani Willis Question

During an appearance on CNN’s ‘The Source’ with Kaitlan Collins, Nathan Wade, a disgraced former prosecutor of Donald Trump, he had his interview interrupted by Wade’s legal consultants.

When questioned about the start of his connection with Fani Willis, Wade abruptly departed the live interview.

After his interactions with Willis came to light in March, Wade resigned from his post in the Georgia election tampering case involving former President Trump.

Following Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling that the prosecution could not proceed without Wade’s or Willis’s departure from the case, he resigned. Willis was accused of bias toward Wade and misusing government funds, which might have disqualified her from her lawsuit against Trump.

According to Wade, who was queried by Collins about his relationship status with Willis, he claimed the two are good friends and they speak frequently. However, the topic of discussion has shifted. Our previous discussions revolved around this issue, but now it’s just topical and friendly. Meanwhile, the case will continue.

Collins pressed him for an explanation about the beginning of his romance with Willis.

Wade acknowledged that there has been a dispute over the beginning date of their relationship.  But before he could complete the thought, members of his crew removed the microphone and took him to a corner of the studio to have a private conversation.

Collins, who seemed perplexed, calmly awaited Wade’s reappearance.  She wanted to know whether he was okay when he got back before she pressed him for further details about when his connection with Willis began.

Once again, Wade avoided a direct response by saying it was just a distraction for the public. He believed we should concentrate on the details and the indictment rather than this irrelevant matter.

Collins used Wade’s own testimony to back up her line of inquiry, but Wade continued to be cautious and evasive in his answers.

President Trump’s petition to withdraw disgraced Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from his spurious RICO case will be reviewed by the Georgia appeals court.  Trump’s appeal to disqualify Fani Willis is expected on October 4. 

The trial will most likely be postponed until after the presidential election in 2024.