Fox News Airs Segment On Mysterious Growth On John Fetterman’s Neck

( A new health assessment on John Fetterman, the Democrat challenging Dr. Oz for a seat in the U.S. Senate, was just discussed by Tucker Carlson.

iOTWreport reports that Tucker Carlson took note of a disturbing growth on his neck.

“Does this lump have its own Instagram?” Carlson asked.

“Does it plan to run for statewide office in Pennsylvania?” he quipped.

Concerns concerning Fetterman’s recent stroke are raised in light of the news. Due to his health difficulties, Fetterman has even sought to avoid participating in debates.

Yahoo news was biting the pillow and complaining that Carlson took “the low road” with his commentary. Try to find a Yahoo article where any similar criticism about anyone on the right has been called “the low road.’

Yahoo stated that Carlson used to make fun of the lieutenant governor’s recovery from a stroke but now is criticizing Fetterman’s neck lump. Why isn’t Yahoo trying to find out what that lump is?

Carlson quipped when Fetterman took off his hoodie and showed a “protrusion,” that he was unaware that Fetterman “had a running mate.”

Tucker said not to laugh. Any lump of flesh might be the centerpiece of a successful campaign for the party that put Joe Biden in the White House.

“They’re running John Fetterman, who can’t even talk. So keep your eyes on this lump. It could very well run with Kamala Harris in 2024.”

“Run a wax dummy for office!” Carlson joked. “People who can’t form complete sentences apparently seem less threatening to voters.”

In a recent op-ed piece, the Washington Post Editorial Board attacked Fetterman, claiming that his refusal to debate his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, was unacceptable and that he should make public his stroke-related medical records.


Fetterman asserted that he would debate “sometime in the middle to the end of October,” which is many weeks after voters can begin submitting mail-in ballots. He refused to provide any other information beyond the possibility of one debate.


The Editorial Board stated that Fetterman has been halting his performance since returning to the campaign trail. He stutters, seems perplexed, and keeps his comments brief. He hasn’t had a press conference. Mr. Fetterman admits that he struggles with auditory processing, making it challenging to react fast to what he hears. He undergoes speech treatment, and we wish him a quick recovery, but concerns about his health are highlighted by his reluctance to engage in discussion.


And what is with that lump?