Fox News Allegedly Gave Trump’s Son A Warning

Donald Trump Jr. was issued a threat by Fox News after he defended the ousted Tucker Carlson, according to The Western Journal. Trump Jr. took to Twitter to inform his followers that the network told him to “expect retaliation” after he issued a series of tweets in support of the popular host.

The separation between the network and Tucker has prompted much speculation over the cause. Tucker himself has since only released a video targeting the depressing state of the media, which he claims does not focus on topics that matter. Reports suggest that the reason for the silence is that Fox News had an “oppo file” of dirt to prevent him from publicly criticizing them. 

Rolling Stone reportedly spoke with eight people at Fox News that confirmed such a file did exist to keep Tucker on a leash. The statement from Fox News informing viewers of the separation was first signed by Senior Executive Vice President Irena Briganti. In the defamation lawsuit brought to the network by Dominion Voting Systems, emails reportedly reveal that Tucker wrote, “She hates us.” 

Trump Jr. blamed the network for disclosing information to The New York Times, which the network denies. He called it an “attack on conservatives everywhere.” 

Trump Jr. has gone after Fox News and accused them of censoring conservatives, citing “leftist executives” and “RINO leadership” as the problem. He has also gone after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for not talking about the firing, saying that he lacks the courage. He brought up the fact that DeSantis had “flip-flopped” on the Ukrainian issue because he did not want to upset his donors.

“Legacy media will do everything in its power to make sure Tucker has no voice through 2024,” Trump Jr. tweeted, adding that revoking Tucker’s voice is a dream come true for the globalists and warmongers.