Fox News Cancels Greg Gutfeld Airing Amid Invasion In Ukraine

( Greg Gutfeld, the host of popular late-night comedy and news show “Gutfeld!” announced on February 23 that his show wouldn’t air that night because of the invasion in Ukraine. The show, which is not just one of the most-watched shows on Fox News but also one of the most popular late-night comedy shows in the country, usually features a number of celebrity guests and commentators to talk about the week’s political issues.

This time, though, Gutfeld was forced to announce to his viewers that it won’t be able to air – prompting many to respond by suggesting that people need a break from watching the news.

“Gutfeld! Will not air tonight due to breaking news,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Yes it was breaking news, but when you have the same reporters saying the same news over * over again it was time for a Gutfeld break,” one of his followers responded.

Another said, “NO!!! Your show is what we need!!!”

Gutfeld had joked about the Russia-Ukraine crisis a day earlier on his show, stating that he is married to a Russian and still knows “nothing” about it.

“She’s not even sure. I asked her, hey, what’s going on in Ukraine? And she says very pretty bird. All right, anyway, so I asked my wife about Ukraine…she doesn’t know anything,” he said.

“I said why don’t you know anything? She says mind your own business that she moves tanks into our spare bedroom,” he joked.

Thankfully, Gutfeld is now back on the air and providing welcome comic relief to Americans concerned about the potential implications of this war on our national security and economy.