Fox News Host Brett Baier Accused Of Trying To Push Fake Story

( Last week, Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake got angry with Fox News host Bret Baier after he asked her about the allegations from a recent Washington Post article that Lake had befriended a drag queen.

The Post’s article alleged that Kari Lake had attended performances by drag queen Richard Stevens for more than two decades and even hired Stevens to perform at her home.

When Baier asked Lake about the story, rather than respond to the allegations, she attacked Baier and Fox News for asking about it.

Lake said she was “shocked” and “appalled” that Baier would bring up that story when he hasn’t brought up “our stolen election.”

Baier countered that he asked her three questions on that and also played a clip from the Arizona Speaker of the House. He pointed out that every candidate gets tough stories and he wanted to address the Washington Post story with her.

Lake claimed that she wanted to discuss it, but added that she was disappointed in Fox News. “I thought you were a little better than CNN.”

A major newspaper writes a hit piece on Kari Lake and Bret Baier asked her about it. How does that make Fox no better than CNN?

CNN would have run with the story without inviting Kari Lake on to discuss it.

When she finally addressed Baier’s questions, Lake denied that she ever invited Stevens to her home and said she is attempting to sue Stevens for defamation.

Baier asked about the photographs the Post published showing Lake posing with Stevens and the Post’s claims that she had attended performances throughout the past two decades, Lake denied it all.

Lake tried to shift gears by attacking Baier for not asking about the Dinesh D’Souza movie “2000 Mules.”

Finally, Lake acknowledged that her objection is to drag queens performing for children, saying it’s different when adults attend drag shows. She repeated that she was appalled that Baier asked her about the report.