Fox News Host Reveals Bill Clinton Is Actually Who Caused The Ukraine Crisis With One Decision He Made

( Jesse Watters, the host of a new primetime Fox News show, made a good point about the Ukraine-Russia conflict on Monday.

During an episode of The Five, the panel show on Fox News that Watters co-hosts, he noted that former President Bill Clinton could have allowed the country to keep its nuclear weapons during his time in office…and that it would have seriously de-escalated the conflict taking place right now.

While discussing President Vladimir Putin’s declaration that the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine are “independent,” which was followed up by a promise to send in Russian troops on a “peacekeeping mission,” Watters noted how President Bill Clinton forced the Ukrainians to give their nuclear weapons back to Russia.

“If he had just let the Ukrainians keep the nukes, Russia wouldn’t have gone in,” he said.

It’s a good point, too.

Russia has repeatedly demanded that Western nations commit to blocking Ukraine from joining NATO, noting that the country may develop its own nuclear weapons in the future. Now, though, Putin has already made moves in the country. Having already annexed Crimea in 2014, Putin is about to take two large eastern regions of Ukraine…and he has even suggested that Ukraine is a “puppet regime” controlled by the United States.

All signs point to Putin taking control of the entirety of Ukraine in the near future.

Mediaite reported on Watters’ comments, and as you would expect, they attempt to paint Watters as irrational. But…he’s not.

Just imagine how different the situation would be right now if Russia knew that Ukraine had nuclear weapons. Would they have even annexed Crimea in 2014?

At this point, it’s hard to imagine Putin stopping until he has reclaimed every former Soviet Union territory as Russian…