Fox News Host Says Lindsey Graham Gave Democrats A “Box Of Hand Grenades”

( Fox News’ Shannon Bream charged Republican Senator Lindsey Graham with handing Democrats a “box of hand grenades” after he called for legislation that would put a federal ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The interview took place on Fox News Sunday where Bream brought up the fact that Graham is calling for the legislation ahead of the midterm elections, a move that even some conservatives have criticized him for, according to Mediaite.

“Graham’s stunt is a godsend and helps us remind voters Republicans want to ban abortion everywhere,” Bream said, quoting a source from Politico. She then quoted a headline from right-leaning outlet, The American Spectator, reading “Lindsey Graham Hands Abortion Fans a Box of Hand Grenades.”

“I’m pro-life, even in an election year,” Graham said in defense. “To those who suggest that being pro-life is losing politics, I reject that,” he continued. “Only in Washington is it extreme to protect a baby at 15 weeks from excruciating death…So I don’t apologize for being pro-life. I think the pro-life movement has found a position that most Americans will agree upon.”

Graham then criticized Democrats for their extreme positions regarding the issue, while defending his bill for allowing abortions in the case of rape, incest, or medical emergencies that will protect the life of the mother, even after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Bream then pushed Graham back on his previous stance, saying that he had to explain the pivot from believing abortion should be left to the states to his support for a nationwide ban.

“If you know anything about me, Shannon, for 20 years, I have been supporting federal legislation banning late-term abortion.” Graham said.

“But you said states should make these decisions,” Bream retaliated.

Graham told Jesse Waters two weeks ago that he was opposing the Democrats’ extreme legislation on abortion. “What do I oppose? Schumer and Pelosi have proposed a law for the entire nation that would allow abortion on-demand until the point of birth.”