Fox News Host Slams Kamala Harris For Attending Football Game But Not Visiting Border

( Last week, footage from the International Bridge at Del Rio, Texas revealed the horrifying flood of illegal aliens attempted to cross into the border. The sheer size and scope of the crisis was impossible to ignore.

Impossible to ignore if you don’t work in the Biden Administration.

Joe Biden ignored it completely. Rather than address the unprecedented explosion of illegals amassing in Del Rio and overwhelming border patrol, Biden left Washington DC on Friday for his summer house on Rehoboth Beach.

And Kamala Harris? The so-called border czar for the Biden administration didn’t say a word. Instead, Kamala went to the football game between Howard University and Hampton University where she did the opening coin toss.

On Sunday, Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy slammed Kamala for this utter lack of interest in the crisis at the border. And when she did, she referred to Kamala as “the affirmative action vice president.”

Naturally the Leftwing media got furious – not with the no-show “border czar” but with Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Media Matters, whose employees are paid to anger-watch Fox News 24/7, clutched its pearls in anger.

After posting this clip, this MMFA Fox-watcher accused Campos-Duffy of spreading “bad information and hateful stereotypes.”

Really? Before selecting Kamala Harris to be his running mate, Joe Biden announced that he would be choosing a black woman. Campos-Duffy wasn’t spreading “bad information” by pointing out that Kamala Harris was chosen because she is black and a woman. Where’s the “hateful stereotype” here?

But it is easier to attack Rachel Campos-Duffy than acknowledge that President Biden’s so-called “border czar” has, since March, been completely missing in action while the crisis at the southern border has grown worse.

There’s a reason why Kamala Harris has zero interest in getting the border under control.

The chaos is all by design.

On Monday, Just the News published a letter written to members of the Senate by Biden’s former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott.

In this letter, Scott told Democrat and Republican Senate leaders, and members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that the Biden Administration is intentionally eroding border security in order to bring in illegal aliens. What’s more, the administration is intentionally misleading Congress on the severity of the situation.

Read Rodney Scott’s letter HERE.